Mitt Oslo is a book about mine and your Oslo. Our city.
It consists of a series of portraits of unique people. People with amazing dedication and drive.
Everyday they go to a job they love! Work is life, and life is work.
They are on your corner. On the way to work. In the little shop. In the beautiful café.
They are invisible, but indispensable. They are the soul of the city we live in.

It is for these people I made this book. To inspire us all. 
As an important document of the time and the city we live in.

The book was launched December 2014. And sold out within the year!
I spent around two years portraying and interviewing 60 people in the capital of Norway, Oslo.
The book was made with the help from illustrator Torun, her always cheerful husband Carl, Eli who checked my writing and Lene who corrected my design.

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This is a small selection of portraits from the book. 16 of 60 portraits.